Day 346 of Project 2015

David came home from cricket, battered and wounded. He has a major graze (open wound) on his knee from sliding across the grass. He has a massive bruise on the side of the same knee – thanks to a cricket ball stopping by to say hello. He has also done something to his lower back so he is stiff and spasming.

Great way to start the weekend, right? All in the name of sport!

We had dinner last night at a Korean Buffet BBQ where we ate ourselves silly. Because it was yet another nephew’s birthday celebrations. CRAZY!! And then Christmas in another fortnight.

Summary for December 12



Brighter/Different Perspective?

Are we getting older and therefore our bodies are not springing back again?…. NAH!! We need to take care of our bodies… getting older doesn’t help the wear and tear but we can still keep an eye on it. Can’t blame everything on age. 


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