Day 345 of Project 2015

The second last Friday of work for David for the year AND he didn’t have to go to his second job either.

It was awesome having him home earlier. We spent some time playing games with the nephews and watched some movies that we hired from the DVD store.

One of the movies we watched was a cartoon called “Two by Two” – it was a rather sweet movie about Noah’s Ark. And a rather interesting take on it. Basically had the feel that the ark was a cruise liner and animals had to check in before being shown their “cabin”.

Turns out some animals were not allowed on board as they were not on the guest list. So it follows the stories of a few characters that miss the boat. But the ending reveals that… *SPOILER ALERT* the animals that were not welcome on board were in fact intended to be sea animals anyway so it didn’t matter.

So as a viewer we go through waves of emotion of feeling pity and compassion for the “rejected” but by the end… it once again reinforces what we learnt yesterday. That everything happens for a reason.

Summary for December 11


We watched three cartoon movies in a row. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

That everything and everyone has a place in the world/society. 


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