Day 31 of Project 2015

The last day of the first month of the year. And a pretty jam-packed month it was to start the year. But it’s only the beginning – and we are really looking forward to how each day will continue to unravel.

Today is also the day Australia became AFC Champions! YAY.

We love Saturdays for many reasons… for obvious reasons, such as it marks the first day of the weekend. And then for other reasons like it always feels more like a “fun” day because there are always things planned. And the added bonus now for us is that Saturday is our rest day from our fitness regime – huge plus! Saturdays are also days when we enter the weekly photo challenge with our travel blog and really get to express our different perspective. Without realising it until now, we were already looking at a different perspective before starting this project.

Summary of January 31


We chose to do something new to the kitchen. We rearranged the contents of our cupboards. To keep us on the ball…. make our brains have to relearn something. Nothing more dull than the same thing in the same place all the time 😉 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

David played cricket again today (being a Saturday) and he scored 17 runs – not a huge score BUT it was extra runs that his team needed. Every run counts which is the way we saw it. 


Day 30 of Project 2015

Today is Friday and although we are excited that it means the weekend is upon us, our excitement isn’t really beyond what we feel any other day.

Every day for us is now on the same playing field because we are remaining open-minded.

The weekend doesn’t mean “sleep ins” at least not beyond 7 anymore. Those are one thing we don’t mind getting rid of. Waking early and making the most of our days has injected so much more energy into our lives. This love of living for the day and in the now is addictive. Our minds are clear, peaceful and quiet. Other than when we were on the Camino, we are in a good place on so many levels.

Summary of January 30


David drove a different way to work. Going the same way every day means that we do know approximately how long it will take and what the traffic will be like. Yet our fear of the unknown keeps us from wanting to change the routines. But nah, with the new attitude to embrace each day…. today, it was a new route 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective

Sometimes in life, it is worth just asking! That may sound entirely vague but we were once advised by a friend that “If you don’t ask, you have accepted the answer to be no.” And really if you ask and someone says “no”, then you at least know. But what if the answer was yes…. that changes everything, right?

Day 29 of Project 2015

One more day until the weekend but who is counting?!! Yes us… even though, we shouldn’t be if we are meant to be in the now 🙂 But we can’t help it.

As we sit here now, reflecting on the day, we are eating a new flavour from Ben & Jerry’s called Chubby Hubby… hhmmmm… well too many of those will certainly make the hubbies chubby (and their wives too).

Listening to one another and hearing about everything we did for the day… it allows us to appreciate what the other does. We don’t do that often but it is eye opening to do it once in a while 🙂

Summary of January 29


We set the alarm once again for 5.30am to wake up and do some exercise. Instead, when the alarm went off, we didn’t go back to sleep nor did we get up, but more just lay in bed and lazed around for almost an hour. It made the day feel like a weekend, a highly unusual way to start a working day!

Brighter/Different Perspective?

So our lazing about in the morning meant that we couldn’t do our Day 2 exercise….. Instead of feeling guilty or feeling like we had failed, we scheduled in to exercise instead in the afternoon after David got back from work. So not only did we do our Day 2 of the program, we also went for a walk too. Never feel defeated…. there is always a way! 🙂


Day 28 of Project 2015

The first month of the year is drawing to a close. Today was just another day, it rained a hell of a lot except it kindly stopped when we needed to walk up the road.

We had an early start so we could begin our 60-day exercise program, this will help us stay on track with one of our new years resolutions for 2015 🙂 Today was Day 1… here’s cheers to us sticking with it.

This afternoon, we received a phone call from an unidentified number today, only to find that they were asking whether we wanted to be one of the homes to be on the panel that represent TV ratings. It could be fun to be involved with this but then we realised we didn’t watch that much TV.

Things out of the ordinary or oddly unusual have happened more regularly than not this year so far or are we more mindful of them and have acknowledged them.

Summary of January 28


Today, we ate dessert before we had dinner. And dinner was done and dusted by 5.30pm. To have David finish work and be home just after 3 and then be finished dinner by 5.30pm, meant we had an evening together. Makes the day seem even longer when we were up by 5.45am. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We had dinner plans with some friends tonight, however they were cancelled in the afternoon. We were really looking forward to it but when the plans changed, we weren’t disappointed, we instead saw it as an opportunity to cook dinner together and have a night it, taking it easy. 

Day 27 of Project 2015

Our lives are “back to normal” now for another 10 or so weeks. And we have much planned for the next several weeks but with our plight to live in the now, we won’t get ahead of ourselves and think about those. We will just continue taking each day as it comes.

Today it rained and rained and rained. It in fact never let up. So as David went to work, Le stayed home and worked on her assignments – second last one for the course.

Now we sit down in front of the TV and trying to watch an Aussie win the tennis and the Aussies win in the soccer. Getting dizzy flicking through the channels.

Summary of January 27


We streamed exercise videos from our laptop onto our TV, so we could watch the big screen without having to scrutinise our laptop. Our TV is now all wired up … black cords dangling everywhere 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Instead of being sad that work and routine starts again in our lives, we treat today just like it was any other day. We woke up, we exercised, we had a delicious breakfast and stayed enthusiastic and happy.