Day 59 of Project 2015

Pinch and a punch for the last day of the month and summer! The end of the warm and hot months… And the beginning of less sunshine maybe?? More low moods? Vitamin D deficiency? A whole spate of things that comes when winter comes along.

How are we going to fight it this year when we were lucky enough to avoid it last year? We’ve basically had 8 months of summer so we can’t really complain. Lucky Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin so we should have plenty of storage from just our Camino walk alone 😉

Tomorrow is our nephew’s birthday. We had a lovely family dinner tonight and tomorrow he has his birthday party with friends. Our birthday gift to him now is a “gift certificate” but not just any one… ONE to spend the day with us. He can choose what he wants to do, eat and buy for the day to a certain dollar value. It is much better than buying a bunch of things for him that he might not use, need or want. This at least is more about quality time together.

Summary of February 28 


We drove a different route to Le’s parents’ place for dinner.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We came up with the birthday present idea last year and it worked well…He really enjoyed spending the day, watching a movie, playing some arcade games, buying a book and board game. It also takes the materialism and commercialism out a little of birthdays. Brings back to basics about what “present” really means. 


Day 58 of Project 2015

We are staring into yet another weekend and we have to admit that it has crept up on us. This past week seems to have passed a lot quicker than we anticipated or imagined.

The week wasn’t overly filled with a different routine as such and we have “slept in” more than we usually do. This is probably all contributing to our  lives falling back into routine!

We need to be sure to snap out of it as of NOW! We can’t keep going on like this and having the days roll into one and the daily grind consuming our lives.

February 27 – will be the day that we acknowledge that we have noticed the speed of time creeping up a notch……

Summary of February 27


Tim Tams have a new range (possibly limited edition range) and we tried a new flavour; Coconut Cream. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

There is this thing on the internet apparently going viral about a blue/black VS gold/white dress. Le could see the latter and David could see the former. It was such a spin out that we were both looking at the SAME dress yet seeing different colours – what is all that about??  

Day 57 of Project 2015

Only two days left of this month and that means a sixth of the year has passed us by.

This year is a little unique for us with not having planned our next trip yet. We have a lot of ideas but we haven’t locked anything in yet. The Australian dollar is also not doing the best against anyone so maybe this year we’re meant to stay local – which isn’t a bad thing. We were only just the other day saying that we have spent literally only 4 days in QLD and the same amount in South Australia.

There is so much in our own backyard that we need to explore and that we might have to do this year until the Aussie dollar either gets a little better OR until we are back to double income 🙂

All in good time!

Summary of February 26


We finally went through our photos from our trip last year and made a very small compilation of them on a DVD to give to Le’s aunty to take with her. It was rather rewarding revisiting our photos and even more so to use a program that we have had on our computer for AGES and not ever used it the way we did 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Using a different program and having to learn a new way of doing something has its ups and downs. It took us a lot longer to compile this “short” DVD than we expected but we got there. We were patient and persevered. We also took the time to rewatch our Camino DVD. It really grounds us when we remember our experiences. Still brings tears to our eyes. 

Day 56 of Project 2015

We just got home from a night out, catching up with a friend tonight. And what do we find in the kitchen?? A red-back spiders web….. And so we sprayed down the area only to draw out the spider himself (or herself). YIKES! Luckily, that spider hasn’t ended up in bed with us.

We are not big on killing bugs or animals but unfortunately when they start encroaching on our territory and make us feel unsafe… that has to be the end of them 😦

Summary of February 25


We went to a new restaurant in an area that we don’t frequent. It was a rather random end to the night with us meeting a Frenchman and a Scottish woman on the street. We’ve been having a lot of those encounters lately! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Traffic was horrendous in the morning because of an accident on the Harbour Bridge – so that generally affects everyone in the vicinity. David took over an hour to get to work when it normally takes him 35 – 40 minutes. He did end up with an all day park which was a BIG hooray especially because the rains came and it was torrential. There was no need for him to run around moving the car. So maybe being late, isn’t so bad?! 

Day 55 of Project 2015

Le’s aunty who has been in Australia from Vietnam for almost 6 month will be off soon. She has no immediate family in Vietnam and to have been surrounded by so many family members for a while will be hard for her to return to an empty apartment.

It’s hard on us all… the great niece and nephews have grown familiar with having her around so for them it will be odd to not see her face all the time and then to wonder where she has gone.

Le helped her pack her luggage today and it all feels a little surreal. She came while we were away in Europe and we thought at the time, “We’re going to still have about 4 months with her after we get back.” And that is gone now!

Time will always be relative and when you don’t look forward to something, it seems to go faster and when you do look forward to something it seems to take forever.

We really have tried to counterbalance this thinking with this project but it’s still always hard when we take the time out to look at where the time has gone.

Summary of February 24


We had dinner at Le’s parents place and David sat in a different spot at the dining table today and saw the kitchen/dining area from a new perspective. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David saw a fish in a fish bowl, all by himself on the shelf. He asked how long that has been there and the answer was a fortnight now. And he never had even noticed. But we got talking about how the fish was removed from the rest of the tank because of the possibility that it is unwell. There had been a casualty in the fish tank recently and this was the possible culprit, due to his colour changes. So as a precaution Dad removed him from the tank, and put him in his own little fish bowl. 

The first few days, the isolated fish was very very sad and moved very little. But now he is back to his usual self and swimming around again like normal. 

David compared him to Le’s aunty. She will initially be sad to leave us all but in time, she will return to her usual self. With time, it does get easier.