Day 243 of Project 2015

The last day of winter… WOOHOO!! Spring… here we come for you!

It was a lovely afternoon for a walk, so we walked to the shops to get some basics. On the way back, we decided to duck into the local library to have a look around.

And guess what we found? A DVD section with TV shows… that we watch! So we were able to hire one series to finish and have another one on “reserve”. It is amazing what we find when we look around. Such nifty little ways to save some money and utilise the community services available.


Summary of August 31


We love coconut water so we bought a fresh coconut and cracked it open. It was tough but we managed to get fresh coconut juice.  

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The way we look at life is reflected in this article perfectly:


Day 242 of Project 2015

It is officially the last weekend in winter. And of course, to see it out, the wind was a little chilly. Blue skies, sun shining but not “spring” warm as yet.

David had a 9-hole round of golf with his brother to celebrate his birthday. It was a great afternoon.

Last night we made our own muesli bars.. another way to cut back on eating way too processed foods! And a great way to save $$ and the environment too. Bring out diet back to basics and make from scratch (or at least try to) the food we eat.

Summary of August 30


David went to play golf for the first time in 10 years. He surprisingly played quite good. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Winter has come and gone. And we will probably be missing you once those super stinky hot summers day kick in. A true example of “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone!” 

Day 241 of Project 2015

We volunteered with an organisation this morning. It was only a couple of hours where we pack books into boxes for different hostels (or shelters).

We were very glad to have finally been called upon because as we understand they have plenty of volunteers… It could be a once-off for us or we could be relief packers. After our work with Lifeline came to an end, we were disappointed as we want to help where we can in organisations that have accept  volunteers outside of work hours.

It was a busy day for us, out early and then back quite late, doing a bunch of other things as well. So tired now… time for bed!

Summary for August 29


Volunteering at a different charitable organisation. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Time is one of the most precious things you can give. As Anne Frank famously said, “No one ever became poor by giving!” Whether it is literally with physical things or whether it be the abstract things such as love and time! Open your hearts and be generous! 


Day 240 of Project 2015

Not much to report today but we would like to share a quote:

Worry is  a habit. Even if what you worry about comes true – good or bad – there will always be something else to worry about… Break the habit

– Charles F Glassman

We certainly learned that lesson on the Camino. Worry is not necessary in anyone’s life!

Summary of August 28


Went to bed by 9 pm on a Friday night… With both having big days, it was a wonder we stayed awake until then. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Never underestimate anyone, no matter what age. Le and her niece had to walk 1 km (after little Miss had a full day at day care) which Le thought might be too much for a 3 year-old but she toddled along very happily without any problems! We need to give people the benefit of the doubt before judging their capabilities. 

Day 239 of Project 2015

Happy Birthday to David! YAY! One year older, another year wiser and another year of an amazing life.

“I have my parents to be thankful for! I am so lucky to be married to my best friend,Le an amazing woman who brightens my every day, I have a wonderful life. When I look back on everything I have been through, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

We also got our new car!!! It drives like a dream and we are so happy with the purchase. Not an element of regret… in fact it is better than we actually remembered it to be.

We were sad to farewell our beloved “Bazoo” (our nickname for our last vehicle) … Bazoo was a great car and was very good to us but Bazoo’s time was up.

After picking up the car, we went into town to meet up with a group of Camino pilgrims; past and potentials. It was so great to meet and really chat to people who also “get” it! Time passed so quickly and next thing we know, we needed to head off to celebrate David’s birthday.

After a delicious Japanese dinner, we ducked into a pool hall so we had a few games of pinball.

Quite a day!!

Summary of August 27


Getting two phone calls from my oldest brother Ben to wish me a happy birthday. It was wonderful to hear his giggles in the background. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Although we personalise our cars and also are excited to have a new one – at the end of the day, they are just cars. We don’t grow attached to inanimate objects….Life is a lot easier when you don’t hold onto materialistic things.