Day 120 of Project 2015

Another month is behind us… that’s one third of the year complete. A rather fascinating year so far… looking at each day slightly differently!

Our car was in at the mechanics getting a check up and David was able to get a shuttle into town. It was raining and they dropped him at Martin Place. And he started walking towards work, he came across a man looking a little lost and wet.

He sheltered the man under his umbrella, walking towards work. This poor “young lad” was from Ireland and couldn’t remember where he was staying. It turned out that the street David works on was where the Irishman needed to go.

Summary of April 30


Making use of the shuttle bus for the first time even though it has been available to us for three years.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

So although our misfortune was that David had to walk in the rain for a bit… it turn out to be good fortune for someone else. So there really was no misfortune after all! 


Day 119 of Project 2015

Hump Day once again….. We went out to dinner tonight for David’s mum’s birthday. We went out to Circular Quay and enjoyed a meal at the old Police Station in Sydney.

It was a very quaint restaurant with the most incredibly large servings. We all feel sickly full. But it was certainly a wonderful night out.

Summary of April 29


Three newbies…. we ate at a new restaurant where we used our first Scoopon on a weeknight.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The rains came during the day and we knew we had to venture out in the wet. Instead of our original plan, we changed our transport plans for the evening and it worked out perfectly 🙂 

Day 118 of Project 2015

The trains were a little wacky this morning. And were delayed and the rail staff were uncertain themselves what was going on. There was no frustration or panic or stress. Just use our common sense.

We’ve also got exciting news! We booked our next holiday… to Hervey Bay for the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. This will be our first “official” flying getaway since we came back from our Europe trip last year.

We are going to Hervey Bay to visit two very good Camino friends.

Summary of April 28


We booked a trip without thinking too much about it. We spoke about it and within a day, booked and paid for it! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

A simple piece of advice about the way things work… “Have faith and trust that things will work out the way they are meant to.” 

Day 117 of Project 2015

Monday is upon us once again. And that means a full working week ahead.

Le attended a work conference and then had work drinks and dinner afterwards.

David started the week with an ALL-DAY park…. HOORAY!

After one week of us being back into the full swing of things…. we can notice the slight impact it is having on us, in terms of energy, enthusiasm and mood.

Summary of April 27


We didn’t post anything on this blog. After a looooong day at work, we pretty much went straight to bed (by about 9). 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It has been a shock change to the balance after living rather unconventionally for 10 months. Now we are the “norm”, it was bound to feel abnormal. Maybe this is an opportunity for us to truly evaluate how we want to live our lives and do the “normal” thing or do what we want to do. 

Day 116 of Project 2015

We had a sleep-in this morning as yesterday was an early start as was the rest of the week. It felt odd, waking up at almost 9am.

We were visiting some friends in the morning who we haven’t seen in a loooong time. But when we get together with them it is ALWAYS lovely and fun. They put on lunch for us which was delicious and we enjoyed yummy dessert there.

We got to meet their kids who have grown up a lot since we last saw them.

Summary of April 28


We don’t often eat dessert but today we had it at lunch and then decided we would have some at dinner as well…. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It’s the end of a weekend and we don’t dread going to work tomorrow… For real?! Live for today and not for tomorrow. We take each day as it comes unless we REALLY have to 😉