Day 90 of Project 2015

A niece’s birthday, a farewell dinner for a primary school friend is how we spent today. David went to work somewhere in between there 😉

Only two more days left in the office for him before we have 2 weeks off! YAY!

We read in a Paulo Coelho book about a story where this over 60-year-old woman was organising parties all the time – when asked how she had the energy, she said that everyday there was something to celebrate. She has a “magic calendar” where it has dates of past events that are worth celebrating. What a fantastic idea!

So every day, we are waking up and finding out what was important for THAT day.

Today?? It was that in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was officially opened.

Summary of March 31


Trying out a new restaurant today as we farewelled a friend Le has known for many years. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The more we read, the more we can explore ways that we can enrich our own lives. That we can embrace what is around us. That we can enhance our minds and knowledge. That we can engage with the world.  We keep loving life every day because there isn’t anything NOT to like about it. 


Day 89 of Project 2015

We just received an email to confirm that an exhibition about the Camino is opened now in Santiago. And we had totally forgotten about it but we were a part of it. We were asked to be filmed and it became part of an exhibit for a museum. We were apparently the first Aussies they had interviewed. 🙂 What a pleasant surprise!

It’s been kind of a weird day actually. We can’t quite explain why but it’s just felt that way. So that was a great way to finish today.

Summary of March 30


We drove without using any maps or GPS guidance to get to David’s brother’s house. Every time we have been so far, we have tried a different route or path but today we went along the way we found to be the most direct and quickest (with minimal traffic lights). 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We put our car into service and David turned up at 4-ish to pick it up. And apparently it was meant to be all ready to go by 3.30pm. Anyway, he ended up having to wait until almost 4.30pm to be able to leave with it… but we had to just accept it for what it was! 

Day 88 of Project 2015

Australia won the Cricket World Cup! Which officially marks the end of cricket in our household for another summer. But that only means the football season ramps up 🙂

We enjoyed a sleep in until after 9 this morning which is the FIRST time in a VERY VERY VERY VERY long time. But our definition of sleep in is different now than it use to be. Sleep in now means anything past 7 …

Getting up that little later means that the day seemed to pass a lot quicker. A four-day week is ahead of us before the Easter break though so we don’t have to commiserate that another weekend is over already.

Summary of March 29


We went to a new pub in Sydney for a friend’s farewell. From outside it’s rather unassuming but once inside, the vibe is very very funky and hipster. We will have to go there again one day 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We went to Yum Cha today but needed to find a park in the parking lot. As we drove in the first level was full, as was the second one… instead of stalking for one, we spun up several levels and found a level which had NO other cars. We couldn’t help but wonder why people hover on those lower levels when there is so much available upstairs.

Thinking outside the box… not conforming… being different… it has its rewards 🙂 

Day 87 of Project 2015

What a LONG day. We are totally knackered! Up before dawn to get the garage sale going before David rushed off for his prelim cricket final.

So it was putting out then playing shop keeper and then the PACK UP!

We managed to sell A LOT. From having possibly 20 boxes at the start, to ending up with about 6-7 to give away or throw out! We feel that is a massive achievement. It wasn’t about making the money but more about making sure the things go to good homes.

David went to cricket and the team’s season came to end. But he wasn’t too disappointed.

Summary of March 28 


First garage sale without David being the charming salesman. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

With the loss, we saw it from the perspective that at least David wouldn’t be missing out on the final because we would be in Melbourne for a wedding 😉 Worked out better from a personal perspective!

Day 86 of Project 2015

It’s Friday once again and we have had a busy week with more like it to come! 

Just a thought for the day about how society has become so money focused and that being career driven is so normal! 

Why is it so hard for some people to believe others might have other priorities in life? 

Plenty of  times, we feel like we were born into the wrong era! Souls too old for this generation…

Summary of March 27


Slumber party at Le’s parents place tonight so it’s easier tomorrow for the garage sale! We have so much stuff to put out, we have once again surprised ourselves! 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

 The important things for us is happiness, being kind and compassionate and just have peace of mind.