Day 347 of Project 2015

David woke up feeling a little less tender. Still a little slower and immobile compared to his usual self.

We woke up late and then ducked off for some more shopping. Nothing major, just a few little tidbits… and we found a great collection of postcards for our postcrossing fun. It is so easy finding postcards that have Sydney scenery etc… but it’s the fun cartoon styles or vintage ones that we struggle to locate. But we found a nice decent pile of them that we can send to people all around the world.

Then to David’s parents for lunch. Where after we ate, we enjoyed a game and then helped move some things out for council clean up! Seeing a whole colony of ants clinging onto one of the cardboards was quite a sight. And we also spotted our first every broad-tailed gecko; funny looking fellow.

Summary for December 13


We had a cheating dinner tonight – a BBQ roast chook from the supermarket with some leftover veggies. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It’s the last week of work for us… and then we get some relaxation 🙂 


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