What is this about?

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How often do we really stop, think and talk to ourselves about what was good about each day?

We were in Switzerland having dinner in 2014, when we contemplated how we can really change the way we look at things. That we should reinvent each day and not let each day be “just another day”. We so easily let days roll into one and lose ourselves with routine.

Life isn’t just about the milestones and big events – it’s about every day! So here is how Le and David “SEES THE DAY” for what it really is.

We want to share everything that inspires us, that reminds us to be happy, embraces the positivity, and teaches about being minimalists.

Our wish for everyone:

Be happy! Be free! Be grateful! Be kind! Be YOU!

In 2015, we posted about every day for the entire year, seeing and sharing only the “brighter” perspective  of something (anything) that happened that day! It’s about focusing on the good and less on the not-so-good. By the end of the year, we could barely remember a negative thing about the year… in our eyes, it was ALL good 🙂

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