Day 179 of Project 2015

So how did last night go?

OMG – we barely slept! We watched Hotel Transylvania with the kids and then put them all to bed. We were sleeping in the living room with the three older boys. We had mattresses and blow up beds.

The kids were asleep by 9.30 and the adults chatted until about midnight.

We were in a blow up mattress which we HAVE never slept in before and was that an interesting experience. Cold and awkward we probably dozed more than we slept but just seeing the delight on the kids faces when they woke up to everyone being together was just priceless 🙂

A big breakfast was put on by Le’s mum with eggs, bacon and sausages with everyone eating together. It was a lot of fun and the kids wanted to do it again tonight.

It is now 5.20pm and we are ready for bed. We are cooking dinner and then heading for an early night sleep!

Summary of June 28


Having a sleep over and sleeping on an air mattress. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Focusing on the positives – although we were tired in the morning, we saw how much it meant to the kids. And because it felt like a treat – to repeat it again soon or even regularly would take the value out of the experience. 


Day 178 of Project 2015

We used to volunteer to sort books for Lifeline – basically we go through the books that are donated, clean, cull or price the books to prepare for their book fairs, to raise money for the service.

We haven’t been able to sort for a while because the evening sorting “shifts” are no longer. But we still like to attend the book fairs and buy books. Not that we NEED more books because our book shelf as it is houses about 100+ books that are yet for us to read.

Le’s been powering through books on the train to and from work, so despite clearing about 10 in the past few months, we’ve just replaced them with some new purchases following the book fair we went to today. It’s all for a good cause so why not?!

It was closer to home which was a bonus! And while we were there, they happened to have their “sale” which meant we could fill a bag they provided us with whatever we wanted and it would only cost us $10. Bargain! So we filled two 🙂 One for us and one for David’s dad who is an AVID crime fiction reader. We have never met anyone who ploughs through books as quickly as he does! (So dad – when you get back from your trip, you will have a pile of books to read)

Summary of June 27


Anyway, tonight we have a sleepover at Le’s parents place with the niece and nephews and Le’s sisters and their husbands! It’s 13 people all again under the same roof. Should be an interesting night to say the least.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We were SO stoked that when we decided to visit the book fair that we were able to grab the bargains 🙂 We know what it’s like to pack up those book fairs so we saw that we were helping them not only from a financial perspective but also a labour perspective when it comes to packing up! 

Day 177 of Project 2015

One of Le’s friends had managed to get two tickets to see a Swans game at the SCG, so Le and her friend went. It started off the way we wanted but the end was not how we wanted. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t! (We don’t like using the word LOSE – it comes with so much negative connotations).

Before the game, the girls went for a Lebanese feast and pretty much smashed the food down in 20 minutes – YEP, they were HUNGRY!

Squished between two men that were clearly in the 70s, the girls cheered and booed and carried on as one would at the footy.

During one of the breaks, one of the men asked them, “So how long have you girls been into the footy?” It is possible that their barracking style surprised the men! Hahahah!

David spent the evening at home playing on the PlayStation. It was also his last day of work for a couple of weeks so he was able to just unwind.

Summary of June 26


The first time since we’ve been together that we have NOT gone to the football together.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t!”

Day 176 of Project 2015

An interesting day in many ways today!

First up, Le was on a train that ended up getting stranded at a train station because the train before it had mechanical problems. Le got delayed by half an hour.

Second, David printed a pile of documents and then discovered an error and needed to redo them.

Third, lunch was an ordeal in itself. Last night’s gravy on our steaks (which we brought today for lunch) had become so gelatinous that it was like jelly. It didn’t melt when we microwaved it, it didn’t break up when we added hot water. It was this brown BLOB (quite literally) sitting on our steak. Hmmm… appetising! NOT! We both had a few people raise their eyebrows at us.

Fourth, David left on time to go pick up Le but there was a truck breakdown well beyond Le’s work but it caused traffic all the way back to affect David.

Fifth, Le tried calling David but his phone was uncontactable because he got stuck in traffic in a tunnel.

Meanwhile, Le’s phone battery is dying away…. and we needed to be in a few places at once. At least we wished we could be.

It was a chain of unfortunate events.

Summary of June 25


David went down to the wharf to read in his morning tea break and saw a tradesman taking a selfie with a pigeon… random or what?! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

And not once did we lose our cool today despite all that went on. Think we are finally getting the hang of it. 

Day 175 of Project 2015

The search for chicken ham rolls. We had the craving to track down the chinese entree of the eighties. This evening saw us head to a local restaurant who previously served them but the menu must have changed. We tried a second restaurant but had no luck.

So it was home for a planned meal of steak and veggies. And we never got our cravings satisfied! Maybe on the weekend we will can track some down.

Summary June 24


Sitting down, thinking we know what we were ordering until we find out it is no longer on the menu and sheepishly making an exit. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We ended up saving money from eating what we already had at home rather than eating out… save our pennies for another meal.