Day 286 of Project 2015

Just another day… with very little to report.

David working and Le working… both working but in very different ways. We are getting busy…. and our holiday seems but a distant memory! Actually Christmas is quite close in the near future… We saw on Facebook that it’s only 70-odd days left!

And we stop to look back at how far we came with minimising this year… We DID feel successful for a while but now as we look around, we do wonder how much more we really have to go!

A garage sale trail is creeping up on us… so here is our opportunity to do another serious cull of our things. Admittedly, lots of things have been thrown out purely because they have been used to “death”. So we don’t have much and what we do have, we think we will need one day! Aha – that is our pitfall once again! We shall go back to culling… the challenge to live with only 100 things.

Summary for October 13


We woke up REALLY late today and were both running around like mad chooks. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Sleep in.. so what?! When every day we live at a pretty slow and steady pace, it’s ok to have a day of madness! 


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