Day 285 of Project 2015

Monday is possibly one of the hardest day of the week… for obvious reasons. But we managed to get through it!

Le’s sisters don’t live too far from us so we are able to walk to their place quite easily. They have vegetable gardens so we are able to get a few fresh organic homegrown veggies from their place when we want to. Tonight it was for lettuce….. a few varieties which we ended up using for our Caesar salad.

We watched a movie tonight.. one we had never heard before but one the we had picked up from the video store for $1. It was a pretty cruisey night!

Summary for October 12


Had just a salad for dinner because we are heading into summer and those hot days deserve a cooling dinner. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We’ve been pretty slack in general with blogging and with “living”… and it’s possibly the lull in the end of the year! But we aren’t going to beat ourselves over it because that’s life. We are choosing to live each day for exactly what it is without trying to hard to keep to a particular routine! 


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