Day 287 of Project 2015

Le dropped off and picked up David today.

Le also went and caught up with our sister-in-law and our two little nieces at a local shopping centre. It was a lovely morning tea and shopping trip.

And now we’ve also finished the jigsaw puzzle, we went and had it framed. The guys we usually go to, were asking why they hadn’t seen us in a while! We got to chatting and they asked us to consider buying the building they were in so that they wouldn’t have to end their lease.

Hahaha – worth $1.4+ million…. as if…

Made us think about our time as renters. The idea of renting is so off putting now. We are pretty glad that we are in our own place. When we were renting, it was so unknown…. when the rent would go up, when the land lord might sell, when something would breakdown and we needed to get permission to fix. Urgh!

We live in a very modest 2-bedroom unit and the best thing about it?! There is no garden for us to attend to, there is little maintenance, we get such a sense of security and we also have freedom (not slaves to massive mortgages or horrendous house upkeep). This lifestyle suits us perfectly!

Summary for October 14


Le catching up with our little nieces during the week for morning tea. 

Brighter/ Different Perspective?

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to buy our place… Not everyone is in a position to buy… and not everyone wants to either.


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