Day 271 of Project 2015

Just realised that we have mucked up the numbering of the days. Urgh!!

We don’t know whether we are coming or going when we are on holidays…

We went via Shanty Town from Hokitika to reach Arthur’s Pass. In the middle of a national park where there is no reception and plenty of sand flies. But where it is so remote and just wilderness. Almost takes us back to the Amazon but WITHOUT the wild animals right outside our window.

Anyway, backing up a bit – we went to Shanty Town – a heritage town that was pretty “shabby”. It was quite an expensive entry fee to get very little. We were there early by lunch time and thought we would grab lunch there. Ordered food and guess what… everything we ordered was not available … sold out! And everything they offered was not on the menu. It took us over 50 minutes to get a bowl of heated up soup and we were the first people in the restaurant.

It was the most random experience EVER at a restaurant.

Once arriving at Arthur’s Pass, we went for a “short” walk but it was upwards on steps to access the Devil’s Punchbowl Falls. Definitely a workout for the thighs.

Summary for September 28


Staying at a place with NO reception and was SO remote. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

There is an explanation for everything. Who knows what went on in that kitchen but we soon learned that Shanty Town is a government initiative, almost run like a not for profit. So it explained a great deal to us. We weren’t annoyed.


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