Day 272 of Project 2015

Right! We are back in Christchurch. It was back to civilisation and as we walk around the city, we are humbled by the destruction evident still from the earthquake back in 2011.

There is plenty of reconstruction underway still but there is also a lot of abandoned buildings and collapsed buildings. The streets are quiet and relatively deserted. Moving further away from the city centre, there is a bit more action but in the heart, it is rather eerily quiet.

Our hearts truly go out for those who were here and experienced such devastation. And our minds extend to also other countries that suffer such huge natural disasters.

Summary for September 29


Exploring a town after everything had shut down for the day. We are not used to travelling to a city and finding little life by 5.30pm. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We forget that life in Sydney is so fast and quick. We sometimes think that other cities speed should match it. But when we stop for a moment and think, we can’t adopt what we are used to, to everything else around us. 


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