Day 270 of Project 2015

We had an incredible night sleep last night. The room was spacious and comfortable.

First up was a walk to the Franz Josef glacier… it almost felt like we were walking along in another world. The ground was rocky and rocks were this grey-white colour. The mountains around us were covered in green lush trees and then the tops were coated with snow. There was low cloud cover with spots of blue sky. All the different colours around us didn’t seem to blend right and up ahead we saw another glacier that in only a matter of years had retreated a whole lot too.

For lunch, we enjoyed a massive pastie between the two of us and a nutella donut. Yummo!

Now in Hokitika, we went to see a beautiful sunset, and then the Glow Worm Dell.

Summary for September 27 


Does being attacked by sand flies count as a newbie??

Brighter/Different Perspective?

When we ordered lunch, it came to $11.50 but the place had run out of change so was asking us for coins if possible. We only had $12 so we gave it to them and told them to keep the change. Le’s mum bought lunch too and they overcharged her by $1.50 which we only noticed after we had left. We then said, it was no big deal because this was a small family business anyway and it was good to help them out. As we were enjoying our lunch on the bench outside, the lady from the shop, came out and said to Le’s mum, “Sorry! I just realised I had overcharged you.” And she gave back $2. To which Le’s mum then said to us, “Now she’s over-changed me!” And Le said, “it’s alright – the equilibrium, because David and I paid an extra 50c. So it balanced itself out.” 

Reminder – that the world works itself out… is in an equilibrium. What goes up, must come down. What goes out, comes back in….. 


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