Day 176 of Project 2015

An interesting day in many ways today!

First up, Le was on a train that ended up getting stranded at a train station because the train before it had mechanical problems. Le got delayed by half an hour.

Second, David printed a pile of documents and then discovered an error and needed to redo them.

Third, lunch was an ordeal in itself. Last night’s gravy on our steaks (which we brought today for lunch) had become so gelatinous that it was like jelly. It didn’t melt when we microwaved it, it didn’t break up when we added hot water. It was this brown BLOB (quite literally) sitting on our steak. Hmmm… appetising! NOT! We both had a few people raise their eyebrows at us.

Fourth, David left on time to go pick up Le but there was a truck breakdown well beyond Le’s work but it caused traffic all the way back to affect David.

Fifth, Le tried calling David but his phone was uncontactable because he got stuck in traffic in a tunnel.

Meanwhile, Le’s phone battery is dying away…. and we needed to be in a few places at once. At least we wished we could be.

It was a chain of unfortunate events.

Summary of June 25


David went down to the wharf to read in his morning tea break and saw a tradesman taking a selfie with a pigeon… random or what?! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

And not once did we lose our cool today despite all that went on. Think we are finally getting the hang of it. 


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