Day 177 of Project 2015

One of Le’s friends had managed to get two tickets to see a Swans game at the SCG, so Le and her friend went. It started off the way we wanted but the end was not how we wanted. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t! (We don’t like using the word LOSE – it comes with so much negative connotations).

Before the game, the girls went for a Lebanese feast and pretty much smashed the food down in 20 minutes – YEP, they were HUNGRY!

Squished between two men that were clearly in the 70s, the girls cheered and booed and carried on as one would at the footy.

During one of the breaks, one of the men asked them, “So how long have you girls been into the footy?” It is possible that their barracking style surprised the men! Hahahah!

David spent the evening at home playing on the PlayStation. It was also his last day of work for a couple of weeks so he was able to just unwind.

Summary of June 26


The first time since we’ve been together that we have NOT gone to the football together.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t!”


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