Day 179 of Project 2015

So how did last night go?

OMG – we barely slept! We watched Hotel Transylvania with the kids and then put them all to bed. We were sleeping in the living room with the three older boys. We had mattresses and blow up beds.

The kids were asleep by 9.30 and the adults chatted until about midnight.

We were in a blow up mattress which we HAVE never slept in before and was that an interesting experience. Cold and awkward we probably dozed more than we slept but just seeing the delight on the kids faces when they woke up to everyone being together was just priceless 🙂

A big breakfast was put on by Le’s mum with eggs, bacon and sausages with everyone eating together. It was a lot of fun and the kids wanted to do it again tonight.

It is now 5.20pm and we are ready for bed. We are cooking dinner and then heading for an early night sleep!

Summary of June 28


Having a sleep over and sleeping on an air mattress. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Focusing on the positives – although we were tired in the morning, we saw how much it meant to the kids. And because it felt like a treat – to repeat it again soon or even regularly would take the value out of the experience. 


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