Day 111 of Project 2015

What an atrociously wild day in Sydney today. The weather overnight was ruthless, and then the day was no better – battering us with rain and then winds at crazy speeds.

As we slept, we could hear the wind rattling the glass panes of our windows, we could hear our balcony door rattling. And we could hear the winds howl outside.

Being inside all day at work, we were slightly oblivious to what was going on outside until we looked out at the window or had to go out.

Summary of April 21


David did some back stretches underneath his desk at work today. Making sure that he is keeping his muscles loose from sitting all day.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Throughout this weather, the only thing we are thinking about is that we are lucky to have a roof over our heads at night. We are so grateful for that. We don’t mind that we have to drive through it, that we have to walk through it, that we have to wait at a train station in it. We are safe and dry! 


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