Day 110 of Project 2015

It was Le’s first day at her new job. And how did it go?

It went well. The people are all lovely. The office is quaint. Starting a new job is always fun. There is so much to learn and get acquainted with – everything from processes to people to where the toilets are.

It felt good to be back in the workforce, different but good.

Summary of April 20 


Le used to work in the same suburb as she does now. But she used to drive but has now figured that catching the train is better. It allows her to sit and read and zone out. It is much nicer. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We have been lucky enough to be able to have had jobs where we finish by 3-ish. And now this new job has Le finishing at 5. So we got home by 6 today – threw together dinner and were eaten and cleaned up by 7. 

We will not let the later finish affect our day, even if we were sitting in traffic for an hour at the end of it. We saw it as a bonus – that at least we were sitting in that traffic together 🙂  


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