Day 112 of Project 2015

Waking up to the crack of thunder early this morning we felt like we were starring in that movie “The Perfect Storm”.


It appeared the rain was not letting up. We are so lucky and blessed that we didn’t have to endure loss of power or flooding or storm damage to our property or belongings.

We had a good run on the roads to work this morning given this relentless weather. We figured people must be staying indoors! If only we could!

Summary of April 22


We drove home from work today a completely new wayAnd we found this way so much faster and with less traffic. Now we don’t know if that is just because NO ONE is wanting to drive in this weather…but we might give this way another whirl tomorrow. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

This weather is far from dampening our mood personally. But we are thinking about all those affected. It is unfortunate what is happening and that there are lives lost, extensive damage and a lot of people left stranded at the moment. 

Sydney normal gets relatively “mild” weather… yes, we get super hot and humid in summer but NOTHING compared to the likes of Singapore. We get “cold” in winter but never a snow blizzard. We generally have dry-ish days with blue skies. So for us to get a week of solid heavy scary rain, it is uncharacteristic. 



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