Day 88 of Project 2015

Australia won the Cricket World Cup! Which officially marks the end of cricket in our household for another summer. But that only means the football season ramps up 🙂

We enjoyed a sleep in until after 9 this morning which is the FIRST time in a VERY VERY VERY VERY long time. But our definition of sleep in is different now than it use to be. Sleep in now means anything past 7 …

Getting up that little later means that the day seemed to pass a lot quicker. A four-day week is ahead of us before the Easter break though so we don’t have to commiserate that another weekend is over already.

Summary of March 29


We went to a new pub in Sydney for a friend’s farewell. From outside it’s rather unassuming but once inside, the vibe is very very funky and hipster. We will have to go there again one day 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We went to Yum Cha today but needed to find a park in the parking lot. As we drove in the first level was full, as was the second one… instead of stalking for one, we spun up several levels and found a level which had NO other cars. We couldn’t help but wonder why people hover on those lower levels when there is so much available upstairs.

Thinking outside the box… not conforming… being different… it has its rewards 🙂 


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