Day 89 of Project 2015

We just received an email to confirm that an exhibition about the Camino is opened now in Santiago. And we had totally forgotten about it but we were a part of it. We were asked to be filmed and it became part of an exhibit for a museum. We were apparently the first Aussies they had interviewed. 🙂 What a pleasant surprise!

It’s been kind of a weird day actually. We can’t quite explain why but it’s just felt that way. So that was a great way to finish today.

Summary of March 30


We drove without using any maps or GPS guidance to get to David’s brother’s house. Every time we have been so far, we have tried a different route or path but today we went along the way we found to be the most direct and quickest (with minimal traffic lights). 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We put our car into service and David turned up at 4-ish to pick it up. And apparently it was meant to be all ready to go by 3.30pm. Anyway, he ended up having to wait until almost 4.30pm to be able to leave with it… but we had to just accept it for what it was! 


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