Day 87 of Project 2015

What a LONG day. We are totally knackered! Up before dawn to get the garage sale going before David rushed off for his prelim cricket final.

So it was putting out then playing shop keeper and then the PACK UP!

We managed to sell A LOT. From having possibly 20 boxes at the start, to ending up with about 6-7 to give away or throw out! We feel that is a massive achievement. It wasn’t about making the money but more about making sure the things go to good homes.

David went to cricket and the team’s season came to end. But he wasn’t too disappointed.

Summary of March 28 


First garage sale without David being the charming salesman. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

With the loss, we saw it from the perspective that at least David wouldn’t be missing out on the final because we would be in Melbourne for a wedding 😉 Worked out better from a personal perspective!


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