Day 33 of Project 2015

And it is Monday once more. We had our monthly date night last night, and we didn’t get home until almost midnight last night. We went to a place called Govindas which is an Indian vegetarian buffet restaurant which also has a movie room. After dinner, we settle upstairs on cushions in a small theatre and enjoy a movie.

We saw a movie called Whiplash which we had never heard before and had a fabulous night out but that meant this morning, we struggled a little bit to get up.

We could’ve blamed it being Monday or that the weather was crappy and gloomy. But we didn’t! We accepted that we snoozed because of the late night and we didn’t blame anything. It is what it is.

Gosh, living that way, makes things that little bit easier. All these little things that have made a difference to our life because our minds are at peace and clear!

Why don’t we all live like this?

Summary of February 2 


Tonight we tried a new meditation that was sent to us from a friend we met on the Camino. Le’s recorded it and we have just given it a go – and we are both feeling seriously relaxed now. We could go straight to bed now even though it’s only 8.30pm. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

On approaching work today, David got stuck behind a garbage truck for several minutes. Instead of overtaking – or slipping into an available car spot, David patiently waited for the garbage truck to move on … and when it did, he was rewarded with an all-day park which meant he didn’t have to worry about moving his car. Proves that patience and having faith pays off… 


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