Day 32 of Project 2015

Pinch and a punch for the first day of the last month of summer! We have got to say we have been very very fortunate to have three summers in a row almost…. Not that Sydney ever gets a brutal winter, but it was great to have been able to escape it all the same for sunny skies of Europe *sigh* – This time last year, we were counting down until the day we took off.

What are we doing this year?

We went shopping at Ikea to buy a few more “trays” and storage options for the pantry. The rearranging of the kitchen cupboards is a success and we have found that there is all this new extra space! Amazing how rearranging can do that.

Summary of February 1


We went to Ikea and only spent $30… and under half an hour there. Now that is not only an achievement but a new way to visit Ikea We were so chuffed with ourselves. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We had to buy a new toaster – our $10 toaster that we bought back in 2008 has just about given up. The heating elements MUST finally be dying because the bread is barely coming out crisp at all. So we went to Target and our “target” was to get a toaster for the same price… and would you believe it… we found one for cheaper!! $7.50! We are sure we get what we pay for but if our last experience with a toaster is anything to go by, then we will have at least 4 or so years out of this one. We did look at the real fancy ones that toast 4 slices of bread – and they cost in excess of $80. And the way we chose to look at buying an ole cheapo toaster was that we could buy 10 of those for the same price as the other one and toast 20 slices of toast at the same time if we wanted to (instead)… 😉 


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