Day 34 of Project 2015

Le went to the post office today to collect our mail. We received a lovely card in the post. We didn’t recognise the handwriting nor the sender. Then when we read the card, it was from a reader of our travel blog – who won the travel towel giveaway. It was such a pleasant surprise to receive it.

Also in the mail, we received a book that we won in a giveaway a few weeks ago. Another bit of excitement in the post.

It almost shows what a karmic world we live in. Everything is balanced. And not only from the perspective of giving and taking… there was good and bad too. There were a few bills in the mail too….

So for once, we got more than just BILLS, we actually got some pleasant mail 🙂

Summary of February 3


We went for an hour long walk tonight around some local surroundings that we haven’t seen at night time. It is always unusual to look at something in a whole different light… literally! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Our electricity bill for the quarter came today and in comparison to what it was this time last year, it was up. Which was a bit of a shock for us as we tend to think we are quite conservative users. For a little bit we were disappointed with ourselves for being so liberal with our electricity use but then we thought it through. We spent a lot more time at home over this period (which means we weren’t out spending money in other forms) It was also summer and we had the air conditioner on a lot more than we normally do because we were home more. And the cricket was on during the day and of a night time so the TV was pretty much on for over 12 hours of a day. Then at night, the ceiling fan was on constantly. So when we think about it, we could justify the use HOWEVER, we will just have to take more care in the next quarter to look after both the environment as well as our back pockets. Seeing the bill and our usage “annoyed” us only for about 5 minutes. This whole different perspective project once again proving to become a happy habit. Or maybe it was pleasant mail that helped soften the blow 🙂 


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