Day 22 of Project 2015

Yesterday we wrote about how little goodies are popping up in life as long as we just let things be as they are meant to and not let things worry us or bog us down.

And we hadn’t want to talk about it yet until we published it, but we wrote a sponsored post – our first official one for our travel blog. Very exciting!

And then today, literally 5 minutes ago, we got an email to say we won a giveaway. What a pleasant surprise. We won a copy of a book called “Aussie Loos with Views” – can’t wait for that to turn up in the mail so that we can have some reading material for our bathroom 😉

Summary of January 22


Today, instead of texting to talk to a friend, Le picked up the phone to call her. It certainly is not often these days to pick up the phone …. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

For once, we have actually looked towards the end of the month and not said, “Wow, where did that month go?” We looked at each other instead and said, “It’s still a week to the end of the month, yet it certainly has felt like a month!” 

Aha – so the theory is working, we can slow down time or at least our perception of time. 


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