Day 23 of Project 2015

It was our last day of holidays together officially! The long weekend doesn’t count as part of the “holiday” because we see it as a weekend which is what we have every week. Not often do we have Fridays off together and today was the last of them for a while.

And we only went about our day doing nothing deemed “exciting” but just spending the time together is exciting to us.

We feel like the positive energy is still travelling our way because both times today, we went to look for street parking in rather busy areas. And literally, within seconds of approaching our destinations, cars pulled out right by where we were and opened up a space for us.

Summary of January 23


David was due for a haircut, just in time before going back to work. As we tend to like to share our business around, we went in search of a new barber/hairdresser. And everywhere we tried was either really busy or closed. So it was back to a guy he hadn’t been to in many many months now. Does that count that we tried to look for somewhere new?

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Of course, the intention of trying somewhere new counts according to our new outlook on life. We were once again in a calm and pleasant state of mind today regardless of the fact we had to drive around to get this hair cut and also that at the end of the day, we came back home to see all the parking spots in our block were taken…. Nothing to worry about because it’s not worth worrying about. 


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