Day 20 –Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino

We had to climb yet another hill today! YES – another hill! When does it end? Apparently tomorrow!

But we had such an incredible view once we were at the top, that it really didn’t matter 🙂 The sunrise was another spectacular one – we have never really been sunrise people and always preferred sunsets but seriously after these last few weeks, we think they are both as good as one another.

The walk flattened after we descended from the climb and it stayed flat. But the wind was intense…. We haven’t had to walk with our windbreaker jackets on for the entire way yet until today!

Le’s left foot, which is the weak one due to an injury last year, and is also the problem ankle that also pronates started to swell a bit today and is a little “sore”. We stopped and enjoyed a big brunch in a town that was about 8.5 km out of Boadilla del Camino. We sat, rested and iced it and took it really slow from then on.

Knowing we still had at least 2 hours ahead of us, we had to distract ourselves and focus less on the distance and more on the experience! To help Le take her mind off the pain in her foot, we decided to play a game…. We worked our way through the alphabet and had to each sing at least the chorus of a song that started with that particular letter. It was an absolutely ridiculous game but it certainly got us laughing, and by the time we got to Z (which we got stuck on), we were about 2 km out of town.

It is amazing how singing can be so uplifting! And BAM – there we learnt our next lesson in life!

Distraction is not such a bad thing sometimes – it always comes with negative connotations but it really can make a world of difference.

But that’s not the lesson. Our lesson was that sometimes taking a different approach can make what seems tough, menial or impossible become surprisingly achievable and enjoyable.









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