Day 21 –Boadilla del Camino to Carrion de los Condos

We had a really slow day getting from Boadilla del Camino to Carrion de los Condos. But it was fun, we enjoyed ourselves and felt like we really achieved a milestone by completing 26 km without any pain or complaining.

The recommended path was to go via the scenic route which added about an extra 1.5 km to the “senda” (which isn’t much but with Le and her niggling ankle, we thought it would be best to travel the flattest and shortest route).

Once again, it [the senda] was the less conventional route as majority of the pilgrims, it seemed chose the scenic route. The route we chose was right beside the highway and although was not the most aesthetically pleasing route, it did the trick for us. It also passed through a few small towns which were really lovely for us to see.

This path got us thinking about the “real world” for us. The world outside of the Camino – we live in a fast pace world, with technology, cars and highways. We need to get use to them and learn to live at peace with the constant noise and pace of “real life”. So for us, walking beside the highway was actually bringing together the life we will be returning to (i.e. city life) and the life on the Camino. It was showing us that we can bring the two together and actually achieve the same feelings of peace and serenity even when the noise of trucks and cars are within earshot.

It shows that we don’t need silence or nature to feel like we have “escaped”. It is how we manage that feeling from within. We are capable of slowing down even if our surroundings are traveling at a faster pace. It is not necessarily about blocking out the noise, it is about learning to live with the noise and not letting it bother us or encroach on our mindfulness!



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