Day 19 – Hornillos to Castrojeriz

It rained really heavily overnight and we were just hoping that it would have blown through by today! And it did 🙂 HOORAY!

So we didn’t have to walk through rain but we did find our inner child and enjoy sloshing through MUD. The town we have arrived in is quaint and rather quiet but we like that. After all the serenity walking on these fields – silence is bliss. Which reminds us of a quote we saw recently on Facebook: something about peace is not silence but being able to find calm in the chaos.

We would agree and disagree on some level about that. Why don’t we just scrap the chaotic life and then we won’t have to try and find peace because we would have it? 🙂

Oh well, guess it is like what we wrote about previously… there has to be opposites in this world!

The mud today proved to be rather difficult to walk through and “slowed” us down. Before we hit the part with all the mud, we felt like we were tracking so well and really found the morning walk quite easy.

But as with everything in life, we can’t become complacent or egotistical – because once we hit that mud, we were slipping and sliding and our pace slowed RIGHT down!

Sometimes obstacles and challenges are thrown into the mix of life on purpose – not to torture us or make us “crack” but to bring us back to NOW. It brings us back down to earth… grounds us, makes us conscious of every step. Focus on the journey rather than just the destination. Makes us feel that arriving at our goal is all the more satisfying and rewarding because if we get somewhere too easily, it doesn’t mean much any more – it loses its value.

So we will remember this as a lesson, that when we are faced with blips on a smooth run, that it is for our own good! That we shouldn’t be so resentful of these hiccups and just be glad that we could continue forward – see it in a brighter perspective!





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