Day 263 of Project 2015

Happy Anniversary to us!! It is 7 years today… And we are in NZ.

We flew here today and it’s the second time we flew out on our anniversary. It’s a pretty nice way to celebrate… it get away and experience another country.

We are at the hotel after a delicious meal nearby to the hotel, and are now relaxing in the bed.

Actually, this year we are starting something new for ourselves. Every “major” occasion, instead of buying cards for one another, we have decided to have a journal. So instead of buying a card and writing in it, we will write in this journal so we can keep all our “love” notes to each other together. We have also started video-recording ourselves on these days too as a keepsake. A “live” footage of ourselves so that when we are old… or if we want to look back on ourselves, we have more than just photos. We will have video messages to our future selves.

Summary for September 20


Recording a video message for ourselves and reading our first journal entry to each other. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Who knows what the future holds so we want to preserve as many memories as we can while we are still able. One day, our memories might be gone due to old age, we may not recall the many happy moments we share. It will be a funny little time capsule that we are building ourselves. 


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