Day 262 of Project 2015

We had a great day on a food tour… checking out Little India. Lots of Indian food and visiting restaurants we had NO idea existed.

Not that we needed a time filler because we still had to finish packing for our trip… but by dinner time we managed to get it all done. At least we hope so!

It was then a late night frantic moment to get the blog post up on our trail blog so we didn’t have it looming over our head. We didn’t have a deadline or even any expectation to write one but the Taste For Tour guys are great. They are not-for-profit and can really do with a little bit of promoting.

Summary for September 19


Went to Harris Park together and tried a whole bunch of different Indian food that we hadn’t tried before. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Choosing to have fun over doing what we had to do. We knew we wouldn’t run out of time to pack so why turn down an opportunity to enjoy ourselves. Another YES to life moment. 


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