Day 205 of Project 2015

We watched an interesting show on the ABC – a show called “The Undateables” – we had simply stumbled across it. Areality TV show following a few people who consider themselves “undateable” and they are looking for love. We saw one young man who had autism, another who was albino and legally blind and a young lady who had Down Syndrome.

It seemed a little surprising to us that there would be such a show. The title when it popped up seemed a little harsh.

From the hour that we saw, it was actually a real “fuzzy wuzzy” type of show for us. That they all were not disappointed with the dates that they had. It was so sweet to see people who genuinely are looking for love and it’s not about looks or anything superficial/materialistic like shows such as The Bachelor and the like.

Summary of July 24


We don’t often watch the ABC or reality TV so two for the price of 1 today 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Everyone deserves to love and be loved and everyone deserves to be happy.  



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