Day 206 of Project 2015

We missed the Camino a lot this morning when we woke up. So we opted for a bit of a big walk – we walked into town from home which is about 7-12km, depending on where you want to go.

We walked to the Sydney Fish Market so we could have a yummy seafood lunch in the warm winter’s sun. And then continued into the “heart” of the city.

We are feeling good for it and had such a good time reminiscing about your walk ūüôā

We’ve always felt the city was too far and onerous to walk from home but we surprised ourselves at how easy it was and how we really should do it often.

We did end up catching the bus home because we were quite knackered plus we had done a small spot of shopping and didn’t really want to walk back with the stuff.

Summary of June 25


We walked into the city and we also walked across the ANZAC Bridge (two for one again today). 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Amazing how much our minds play tricks on us. We rely WAY too much on our cars. Time to save the environment a little and get some exercise in. 


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