Day 194 of Project 2015

Cannot say we were successful or disastrous but we cooked lentils for the first time for dinner. We went with the flow and hope we cooked it correctly for the dish we were making. It tasted alright…

Together with our desire to eat healthy and declutter our lives, we are trying to eat less processed food where possible.

Back to work for David and he had guest speaker about focusing and a technique to get focused. It is pretty much we know already but it was a lovely reminder how easy it is that we can focus on what we  need to do. Cutting out a lot of the stresses and zero-ing on the task at hand.

Summary of July 13


Cooked lentils for dinner… 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The day began with heavy rain and by noon, it was blue sky and sunshine – cold but sunny. It goes to show that it can look all doom and gloom but in an instant, things can look brighter – don’t write anything off. 


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