Day 193 of Project 2015

We LOVE sleep. Who doesn’t right? And we love it even MORE now that we are under two donnas.

Last night we had the most amazing night sleep. So warm and toasty – we slept through the night!

We made a vegan dish for dinner – tofu and spinach lasagna. Yummy! And so healthy tasting. We have cooked vegetarian before but we haven’t tried vegan before. We could be onto something. We’ve also made ourselves a chia pudding in preparation for breakfast tomorrow.

Time to start eating super foods and start looking after our health.

With David’s break coming to an end…and Le feeling healthier again. It means we have to get back into our exercise routine.

Summary of July 12


Had a vegan dinner for the first time cooked at home 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Our warm toasty bed is even more inviting now that it is double layered. Can’t wait to call under tonight!! 


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