Day 161 of Project 2015

Hump Day for a short week but WHY does it feel like such a LOOOONG week still.

It was cold and WET today – and really that type of weather can dampen our moods 😦

We woke up and did our exercises… slamming our bodies with exercises in the 30-day challenge… hopefully not piling on the pounds during the cold months as we naturally tend to do!

One good thing was the weather broke our temptation to eat out tonight. Some days after work, we just don’t have the energy to come home and cook but it was the cold and wet weather that sent us straight home. So not only do we save money, our planned food was consumed and we got to catch up on some Homeland DVD 🙂

Summary of June 10


We withstood the temptation to eat out tonight and opted to have dinner in despite having to wait til almost 7 before dinner was ready to be eaten! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Miserable weather might make us antisocial but it certainly helps us save money 🙂 


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