Day 162 of Project 2015

Le caught up with a good friend for dinner and they chatted for ages about everything.

One of the things they spoke about was how there is this notion and pressure from those around us about “HOW” life should be lived.

There is no life rules that says that everyone has to get married, have kids, be in a relationship, buy a house, have full time jobs…  Where did that recipe for life come from? Just because everyone else wants to do that because they feel that is the “next step” – does that mean we need to live like that??

Uh… no! Unless we are brainless robots who have our choices programmed. We all have free choice and people should respect those choices. There is no wrong or right BUT there is a WRONG if we end up doing something that we feel forced is the RIGHT thing…..

Summary of June 11


Eating Nutella Pizza just before going to bed 😉

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Society “expects” one thing but ultimately we choose how our lives pan out, NOT society. 


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