Day 122 of Project 2015

(oops… forgot to publish this yesterday)

Off and out of the house by 10… we were on a mission.

We had to do a little bit of shopping for birthdays and Mother’s Day, have lunch before we went to a hairdressers appointment for Le before we headed off to a baby shower and then dinner with a good friend.

There was no room for error…. We basically had to run on schedule for everything. And it all worked 🙂

Summary of May 2


Back to back events was something we haven’t done before and it’s pretty crazy when traffic becomes the determining factor.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David dropped Le off at the baby shower and then he went on to do our grocery shop. EXCEPT his wallet was in Le’s handbag. Oh well, he had his phone and his book so he ended up ducking into the shopping centre anyway so he could use the bathroom. 



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