Day 121 of Project 2015

Life is very different when both people are working. Maintaining the house, the house work, cooking and general day-to-day stuff is tiring and tougher.

We are a team and just like all teams, sometimes part of the team works harder than others and vice versa. But the main thing is that we stay focused on the goal and that we communicate. A lack of communication can cause the whole game plan to fall apart. Some days we are just so tired, everything seems that much harder!


Summary of May 1


Tuesdays and Friday – David has a second job and for a long while, he was getting home later than Le. But since starting this job, she’s been getting back to her parents place (where they meet) by the time David finishes too. So Le got picked up from the train station today. 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Yes we are tired, yes we are weary. But we keep our eye on the prize. It’s the weekend…. it’s time to rejuvenate….


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