Day 76 of Project 2015

Happy St Patrick’s Day!! Not that we are Irish but Le went to St Patrick’s Primary School so it has been ingrained that it is an important day and a day where we MUST wear green 😉

We even got talking about locating special holidays from around the world  for the rest of the year and then dressing to suit! Might be a bit much?? But could be fun!

We are about getting into the spirit of things – like at Christmas, we wear green and red. On Australia Day, we try and wear green and yellow. On Harmony Day, it’s orange…. Maybe we can think about this idea for next year’s project 😉

We all have a little child in us… what’s the harm in bringing it out more often then not!

Summary of March 17


David wore a green shirt, green sweater, green trousers and green shoes today. He couldn’t be MORE green 🙂 Now we wished we’d taken a photo of him to share. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We’ve become so much more adaptable than we realise. If plans change or things don’e go to plan, we are more accepting of it. We don’t choose to lose our patience either with petty things that don’t affect the wider scheme of things. And now that we have taken a step back, we can really observe the rushed society we live in and the impatience of people. There is really no need to rush …. Does rushing make us feel any happier or better? Probably not – most of the time, we feel more panicked or stressed. SLOW DOWN! Don’t miss living because you are too busy rushing! 



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