Day 77 of Project 2015

The International Cricket World Cup is in Australia at the moment. We have been watching a few of the Aussie games and keeping an eye on the outcomes of the other games.

Today was the quarter finals between Sri Lanka and South Africa. When we saw these guys were playing, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go watch at least ONE game live in Sydney.

Australia games no doubt SOLD out fast, well before the tournament began but getting tickets to non-Australian games are easier.

One of the highlights was David meeting Glenn McGrath and taking a photo with him 🙂

Summary of March 18 


We went to watch a game of cricket that did not include Australia. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Although we are Australians, it doesn’t mean we have to go to watch Australia play. We can go and enjoy a game without having to support one side. It was kinda nice to not have our hearts on any side winning – being neutral is definitely less emotional. We got to appreciate the sport more this way. 


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