Day 72 of Project 2015

We heard some sad news today. One of our Camino friends lost her father this morning. We remember her telling us about him on the Camino and it seemed he took a turn only recently and went downhill.

We were touched she shared it with us. Another reminder that life is so precious, fragile and can be lost so quickly.

Every day is a gift and we really should embrace each moment we are alive. And have those around us alive. Don’t take anything for granted and live with no regrets!

Summary of March 13


We tried a new chip flavour – Thai Spice… 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It was only in an email yesterday that the same Camino friend said to us “Have the courage to create the world you want.’

It’s gentle reminders such as these that tell us to live the life we want and not the life society expects of us. 



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