Day 71 of Project 2015

Where has this week gone? To think it was only last week that we were packing to go to Canberra. And you know what we did wrong?!! We didn’t change up the routine much this week. If anything, we slept in, and started every morning on the back foot.

Sheesh! But we are going to fix that. Tomorrow we WILL wake up early. We WILL get our act together. We will embrace each day and hit the laziness and routine for 6!

Summary of March 12


We’ve begun working on a new jigsaw puzzle… one that is miniature size – 1000 piece but the pieces are teeny weeny! We won’t be vacuuming the next week until we finish it. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The other day we made some popcorn on the stove. For some strange reason, it didn’t turn out the way it normally does. So tonight, we gave it another go to get it right! And wa-la! It worked!! A bowl of popcorn for us to enjoy some Modern Family 🙂 


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