Day 353 of Project 2015

It was the last day of cricket for 2015 and David couldn’t play. Thanks to his injured back… he didn’t want to risk doing more damage.

He went to watch his teammates while Le stayed home which was her first Saturday off for a while! She pottered around the house wrapping Xmas presents and updating the business website. She is forever updating the website. Owning your own business is fun but takes a lot of commitment. The best thing is the flexibility 😉

This evening we had family dinner for Le’s parents anniversary. We have been totally thrown out of whack as to what day it is already and we’ve barely been on holidays.

Summary for December 19


David going to watch cricket rather play due to his back injury.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It is too easy to focus on what you believe is wrong with the world rather than to question our own thinking and identify possible flaws that may be present.


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