Day 265 of Project 2015

It was another big drive to Queenstown today but we went for a hike up a mountain first. Mt John for the most amazing views down to Lake Tekapo. Let’s say we had NO idea what to expect and we just followed the track. We didn’t even know what we would see or what we were meant to see… we just went.

We had a breakfast on the go type snack, then had snacked throughout the day because after our hike up the summit, we needed to push on through to get to Queenstown at a reasonable hour.

Plenty of on-the-road time… although the trip was easy and the scenery was lovely… the roads are windy so we don’t get to travel consistently at the maximum limit.

Summary for September 22


We didn’t have a main meal until dinner. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

To have no expectations – the thrill of an unexpected outcome is way better than one that is expected! 


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