Day 159 of Project 2015

Did you know Elvis was a spiritual man?

Yes – THE Elvis Presley. He was very religious and was very much into gospel music.

We watched a documentary about it and were just simpy blown away by those closest to him and what they had to share about his beliefs.

We were amazed at one of the concerts (as retold by his support singers), a group of girls stood up with a banner and screamed, “Elvis you are the king!”

And he pointed to them and said, “No, Jesus is the King!”

He was also so generous and open hearted and open minded.  Fighting for the rights of African Americans as well as giving to those who needed money.

He was more than just the King of Rock yet we only learned about this now.

We really want to go visit Graceland now 🙂

Anyway, the long weekend is at a close… We are home now, getting ready for work…

Summary of June 8


We arrived back at about 2ish and had dinner by 3pm. Without getting a decent lunch, we were happy to have a super early dinner. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

No matter how much we love travelling – we will always LOVE coming home 🙂 



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